Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy

Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy 2018-07-13T04:50:33+00:00
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Powerful and Gentle

Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy is an extremely powerful modality used in our practice to stimulate deep healing and to gently detoxify the body, helping to treat and prevent chronic disease.

  • Restore health in a safe and last-lasting manner
  • Safe and effective in patients of all ages
  • Address the underlying cause of disease, not just mask symptoms
  • Stimulate detox pathways
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What Our Clients are Saying…

Large supply of energy

I had a recent follow up visit with Dr. Mortlock and I feel like I have a large supply of energy ready to go. This time of year can leave you feeling low on energy but this year I am feeling great and ready to go. Thank you Dr. Julia

Patti C

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