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Optimizing your Health


Acupuncture is used to balance the complex systems of the body and to stimulate the body's natural healing processes.

East Meets West

“I have chronic sinus pain and integrating regular acupuncture into my health plan has completely removed my sinus issues and pain.” – Patient

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Integrating nutrition and lifestyle changes combined with many natural therapies to stimulate the body's natural vital force for healing.

Getting To the Root Of It

“Dr. Julia is great at what she is doing and very knowledgeable, she keeps me on track and by doing what she suggests – I feel so much better!” -Patient

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Let our integrative team of physicians and holistic nutritional therapist help you find the best nutritional plan for your body.

Eating to Heal

“I’ve had indigestion for awhile now and after working with Dr. Mortlock and the nutritionist, my system is working again!” -Patient

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Family Medicine

Each of your health needs will be addressed from a holistic perspective, ensuring we address the very core of your issue.

Child's Play

“For the first time in 5 years we now see significant results in my son’s eczema thanks to Dr. Mortlock, and that in itself is nothing short of a miracle. Highly recommend!” -Patient

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Meet Our Doctors & Practitioners

What People are Saying…

On my first appointment Dr. Julia spent a lot of time asking questions to gain a thorough picture of my medical history. I appreciated her thoughtful and friendly approach to my care. She tailored a plan specifically to my medical needs.


Dr. Julia is always friendly and concerned about my health and treatment progress. She is super thorough in her approach, asking questions and exploring symptoms to help narrow down causes and focus her treatment plan. I feel very comfortable in her care and am confident in her abilities.


I thought that Dr. Mortlock was very thorough in her questions and explained her approach to treatment very well. Overall I was impressed and look forward to better health with her care.